Closing, opening, or general maintenance, put your mind at ease. Let Pool-Mart do the work!

We provide outstanding pool and spa maintenance service. From chemical checks to full service, our skilled technicians will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your pool/spa is in sparkling condition, crystal clear and chemically balanced.

Make your pool come

alive again with a new

liner. Have it professionally installed for less than you think! Visit Pool-Mart and see dozens of styles and colour options. In-ground liners are installed from as low as $2100.  Above ground liners can be installed from as low as $1200.



All pools are susceptible to leaks, whether old or new, plaster or vinyl. Leaks can be caused by ground movement and settling, aging, even your pets. Fortunately,

Pool-Mart has professional leak detection knowledge and state of the art equipment to find and repair annoying leaks before further damage can occur to the pool or surrounding area. Call us to make an appointment so we can find and repair that leak.


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